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PAL PADI: THE CONVENIENT PENSION SELF-SERVICE OF CHOICE Remote Work Skills to Become Successful in 2024 All You Need to Know About Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria

What is PAL PADI?

PAL PADI is PAL Pensions’ digital self-service platform designed to provide its customers with swift and reliable responses to all their pension-related inquiries. It is a digital buddy that can handle all pension-related concerns via SMS, Telegram, or WhatsApp.   

Aside from the effective customer care support channels, PAL Pensions offers a smooth and unforgettable experience through PAL PADI.  

Below are some of the features that PADI can perform:

  1. Check your Balance.
  2. Get your PIN.
  3. Statement Request
  4. Your RSA Growth 
  5. Update Your Email 
  6. Fund Price 
  7. Open Retirement Savings Account 
  8. Our Office Locations 
  9. Status of your Benefit payment 
  10. Transfer to PAL Pensions 
  11. Other Enquiries 
  12. Embassy Letter 
  13. Recent Contributions 
  14. Multi Fund Transfer 
  15. Get your Registration Certificate
  16. Your Relationship Manager  
  17. Login Reset 
  18. Statement Subscription 
  19. Data Recapture Request 

To use the PAL PADI, send ‘HELP’ to 08099900539 via:




-PAL Instagram DM

-PAL Facebook DM

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